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Week 5 Quiz

  1. How wide was the statue?
  2. How tall was the statue?
  3. What would have been the legal effect of Nebuchadnezar's decree at the dedication of the statue for the Jews worldwide ?
  4. What was Nebuchadnezar trying to fix with his statue?
  5. What Babylonian God would have been able to deliver a follower from the fiery furnace?
  6. What did the fire consume of what the three friends were wearing when they were thrown in?
  7. According to additions in the Septuagint, how high did the flames mount above the furnace?
  8. Did the furnace kill anyone besides the guards who threw the three friends in?
  9. What was the legal effect of Nebuchadnezar's final decree in verse 29?
  10. What did the two elders threaten to do to Susannah?
  11. How could the Babylonian empirical approach to astronomy have encouraged astrology?