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Week 16 Quiz

Herod the Great

  1. Which descendent of Abraham was the ancestor of Herod the Great?
  2. What religion did Herod the Great practice?
  3. Who did Herod the Great worship?
  4. What temples did Herod build?
  5. Did Herod erect idols?
  6. True or false: Herod was stingy, and hoarded his wealth.
  7. Where did Herod's wealth come from?
  8. Aside from the usual gold, silver, and precious stones, what unique gift was Herod famous for?

The Rise of Rome

  1. Who is the king of the south?
  2. Who is the king of the north?
  3. Who attacked first, and in which direction?
  4. Who had more ships?
  5. Who had bigger ships?
  6. Who had the biggest army?
  7. Who won?
  8. What were some factors that decided the victory?
  9. What three countries did the victor give up on conquering?


  1. How did Cleopatra deal with the top Roman generals who came to Egypt?
  2. Who were these generals?
  3. How did Cleopatra die?
  4. What happened to her children?
  5. What happened to the generals?