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Week 9 - The Beasts from the Sea

Babylon U

With base 60 numbers, a multiplication table such as we use would be an unwieldy 59x59! Instead, students were taught to multiply numbers between 1 and 59 using methods equivalent to
 ab = [(a + b)² - (a - b)²]/4 
 ab = [(a + b)² - a² - b²]/2 
and a table of squares up to 59²:58,1 (58*60 + 1 = 3481). So their "multiplication table" was actually smaller than ours!

You might think that they couldn't count up to 60 on their fingers either. You'd be wrong. Put your thumb against the joints of your fingers in turn, and you can count to 12 (include the tips to count to 16 for our age of binary computing machines). Count on the other hand for how many dozens. 5 dozens makes 60.

The Kingdoms of the Beasts

The Interpretation

  1. How many kingdoms does the text refer too? 7:14,17,18
  2. What happens at the end of the kingdom of the last beast? 7:24,25
  3. What happens to these kingdoms? 7:26,27
  4. When does the last beast kingdom end? 7:25
  5. What happens after the four beast kingdoms are destroyed? 7:27
  6. Who rules God's kingdom? 7:14
  7. Who possesses God's kingdom? 7:18
  8. 7:19 The claws of brass reference the belly of brass in Nebuchadnezzar's statue. Roman culture rested on Greek culture.
  9. When do they posses God's kingdom? 7:22
  10. Do the 10 horns rule in sequence, or all at once? 7:24
  11. Does it say how God's kingdom destroys the beast kingdom?
  12. Does it say if God's kingdom destroys the beast kingdom at once or over a period of time?
  13. 7:25 The little horn has power over the saints for 3½ years.
  14. Does this prophecy give any dates? 7:25
  15. How long does it say the Kingdom of God will last? 7:27
  16. Does it say precisely what this kingdom of God is?
  17. 7:28 Daniel tells no one about his vision.