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Shadowland: Redemption: Week 13

The Daily Sacrifice

Pink and many other commentators assert that Jesus was crucified at the time the passover lambs were killed. Like the alleged 400 years in Egypt, the text contradicts this. E.g. Mark 14:12 and Luke 22:7 explicitly say the disciples prepared the Passover meal the day before the crucifixion. What did happen at the 9th hour (3 pm) when Jesus dies, according to the Talmud (written by the Pharisees doing it), Josephus, and Phio, was the the Daily Sacrifice prescribed in Number 28:4. The liturgy at the daily offering was the Eighteen Benedictions, which included: Their prayers were being fulfilled as they spoke them. Thanks to Brant Pitre for noting this.

Exodus 14

The Red Sea