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Shadowland: Redemption: Week 18

Where is Mount Sinai?

In the first part of the 4th century, Helena mother of Constantine declared a mountain peak near the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula to be Mount Horeb/Sinai, and pointed out the very spot where Moses saw the burning bush. In the first part of the 6th century, Justinian I ordered construction of St Catherine, the oldest Christian monastery still serving its original function (St Anthony across the Red Sea in Cairo also makes the claim), at the foot of that mountain to protect the Chapel of the Burning Bush from escalating violence in the region. Incidentally, the fortified wall also controlled the trade route through the area. However, Scripture does not agree with Helena. In fact, Helena's intuition is the only evidence for the site! In Exodus 3 we saw that Mount Horeb was near Midian (in Arabia). In Exodus 18, we saw the same. The Apostle Paul tells us in Galatians 4:25 that "Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia". Throughout the Old Testament, "Arabia" is clearly identified with kings and tribes east of the Aqaba gulf. A more likely site in concert with Scripture is Jabel al Lawz in Arabia.
JABEL AL LAWZ is an 8,000 ft. mountain with a HUGE VALLEY at its base. In this VALLEY we found an ANCIENT ALTAR with petroglyphs of the Egyptian bullgod, Hathor, inscribed in the rocks. We feel this is the altar where Aaron made the Golden Calf. There were also very strong readings of the mineral gold registered at this site.
High Flight Foundation Newsletter, July 1988

Meeting their Maker Exodus 19

Last time, we asked whether Moses was right in implementing Jethro's advice. This time, the controversy is whether the people were right to agree to the law. Most Evangelical commentators, including Dr. McGee, say that they were choosing law over grace - a big mistake, not unlike Jacob's unnecessary vow in Genesis 28:22. Fortunately, this is an even numbered problem, and the answer is in the back of the book. Deuteronomy 5:28 The nation of Israel was born at Passover, when they were betrothed to Jehovah, Jeremiah 31:32. Now at Sinai, they make their vows.