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Shadowland: Redemption: Week 27

Exodus 28: The Priestly Garments

The high priest was a type of Christ, and the priests a type of the believer.
O how blessed is the priest’s life, Christ to him is all in all:
All His clothing, food, and dwelling, And His portion therewithal.
All the clothing of his service Is the beauty of the Lord;
Glorious splendor do his garments, Breast and shoulder-piece afford.
When in sacrifice he offers Christ to God as God has willed,
Then as food he doth enjoy Him And is with His riches filled.
Putting on the Lord as clothing, Christ without he doth express;
Eating, drinking, with Him mingled, Christ within doth him possess.
Holy, glorious is their dwelling, ’Tis the increase of the Lord;
Here the priests built up together Unto God a house afford.
All his portion, all his living, Everything the priests possess-
All is Christ and Christ forever, In His all-inclusiveness.

-- Witness Lee