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Shadowland: Beginnings: Week 21

Genesis 16

The Son of the Bondwoman

In the journey from Ur to Moriah, Abram faces many tests of faith. His performance is mixed: here is how I would grade him so far:
  1. ½ Leave your country and kindred, and go to a land I will show you.
  2. × Stay in land despite famine
  3. √ Do not covet land
  4. √ Courage to take arms and wisdom to do so with God's guidance
  5. √ Fulfil vow and do not covet spoils of war
  6. ½ Trust God's promise of a "seed from your loins"
Abraham exemplifies justification by faith - but is far from perfect. Hallelujah! God's covenant with Abram is unconditional and does not depend on Abram's performance. In chapter 15 he "believed God". In chapter 16 he (and Sarai) "walk according to the flesh". Isaiah 54