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Shadowland: Beginnings: Week 27

Ishmael as a type of Israel

  1. Ishmael was birthed by Hagar the Egyptian, and the nation of Israel was birthed in Egypt.
  2. Ishmael was Abraham's seed according to the flesh. Galatians 4:23 Israel was Abraham's seed according to the flesh. Romans 4:1
  3. Ishmael was cast out after rejecting the child of promise. Israel was cast out of the Land after rejecting the Child of Promise.
  4. As the water was used up, so the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from Israel Ezekiel 11:22-23 - concerning which Eusebius writes in Demonstratio Evangelica, Book VI, Chapter 18 "Which it is possible for us to see literally fulfilled in another way even to-day, since believers in Christ all congregate from all parts of the world, not as of old time because of the glory of Jerusalem, nor that they may worship in the ancient Temple at Jerusalem, but they rest there that they may learn both about the city being taken and devastated as the prophets foretold, and that they may worship at the Mount of Olives opposite to the city, whither the glory of the Lord migrated when it left the former city."
  5. When Ishmael cried out to God, God provided water. When Israel cried out to God, God provided water. When Israel mourns for him whom they have pierced and says "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord" (Matthew 23:35) - then the Holy Spirit will be restored to Israel. Zechariah 12:10
  6. As Ishmael took a wife from Egypt, so in the Last Days, Israel will ally with Egypt. Isaiah 19:22-25
  7. As Ishmael begats twelve princes, so the twelve tribes of Israel will be restored in the millenium.
  8. As Ishmael dwelt in Paran - which in Hebrew is "beautiful" or "glorious", so Israel will dwell in the promised Land, restored from the curse on the ground.

Genesis 22

"God tested Abraham" - the culmination of all the testing in previous chapters. Here God reveals that while no Son of Adam will do, ultimately a human sacrifice is required for human sin.

Isaac as a type of Christ

Newsletter from the Relatives 22:20-24