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Shadowland: Beginnings: Week 38

משחק בינגו

The Reunion - Genesis 33

God gave Jacob, "conniver", a new name, Israel, "God rules". But in the very next verse, he is still Jacob! Jacob is unique in Scripture in that he is not called by his new name from that point on. His misadventures are presented to us for our instruction, and his waffling between acting like "Jacob" or "Israel" mirrors our own struggle between the flesh and the Spirit. After he receives the name Israel, you can assume that he is "walking in the flesh" when he is called "Jacob", and "walking in the Spirit" when he is called "Israel". Having just moments ago wrestled with God in the flesh, received his new name and blessing, and been permanently injured to force him to lean on something other than himself, "Jacob" now goes right back to leaning (rather lamely) on himself.