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Shadowland: Beginnings: Week 41

Genesis 36 Esau's Extended Family

Much of this is repeated in 1 Chronicles 1:35-54
Numbers 20:14-29Edom denies passage to Israel
Numbers 24:15-25Baalam prophesies about Edomites
2 Chronicles 25The descendents of Esau fall into Caananite
Jeremiah 49:7-22Judgement on Edom
ObadiahJudgement on Edom
Malachiah 1:1-5Extiction for Edom
Isaiah 63Jesus kills the enemies of the Jews in Bozrah/Petra
The final judgement on Edom is for participating in the Babylonian captivity. "Remember, O LORD, against the Edomites the day of Jerusalem’s fall, how they said, “Tear ["Raze it" NASB] it down! Tear it down! Down to its foundations!”" (Psalm 137:7)