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Shadowland: Beginnings: Week 57

Genesis 49

More on Zebulun

All the "bible maps" I could find of the territory of Zebulun show them as not touching the Sea of Galilea or the Mediterranean. However Josephus (Antiquities V 1.22) describes them as stretching from Galilea to the Carmel on the Mediterranean. The east and west borders in Joshua 19 are unclear in particulars, mentioning cities unidentified to us today, but scholars agree that they are clear in general: Zebulun received a landlocked estate from Joshua.

So, Jacob's prophecy was *not* fulfilled at the first inheritance of the land, but was by the time of Christ: Matthew 4:12-16. Furthermore, this "problem" blows theories about a late authorship of Genesis out of the water.

Other commentators note that Isaiah and Matthew mention Zebulun and Naphthali together - so that they shared the coastal territory (with a similar arrangement with Asher as hinted by Deuteronomy 33:19).

Jacob's Prophecy - the Sons of the Concubines