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Week 34 Quiz

The Rights of the Firstborn

  1. How did Jacob feel on his 500 mile trek to Padan-aram?
  2. How did Jacob's approach to finding a wife differ from Eliezer's?
  3. Why did Jacob tell the shepherds to go water their sheep?
  4. Why didn't the shepherds comply?
  5. Compare the watering of Rachel's sheep with the watering of Eliezer's camels.
  6. How did Jacob feel during his 7 years service for Rachel?
  7. Compare the Leah incident with the Esau incident.
  8. Did Leah share any blame in the Leah incident? Why?
  9. How many wives can a man cleave to?
  10. What was Leah's heart desire?
  11. In hindsight, what should Jacob have done after the Leah incident?