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Week 43 Quiz

Judah after the Betrayal

  1. Why did Judah leave his family and marry a Caananite?
  2. How can God preserve the line of the Seed when Judah's heirs are born of an unbelieving Caananite?
  3. Where was Judah living when his first three sons were born?
  4. Why didn't Judah let Er pick his own wife like he did?
  5. Who is the first individual to be personally killed by God in the Bible?
  6. Why did Tamar marry Onan after God killed Er?
  7. Why did Onan want Tamar to remain childless?
  8. Is God's judgement of Onan an argument against birth control?
  9. Why didn't Judah fulfill his promise to give Tamar to Shelah?
  10. Did Tamar act in faith when she pretended to be a temple prostitute of Baal and Ishtar?
  11. Why was Judah's tribe not the ruler of Israel until David?
  12. Did God chose the youngest, or the oldest son of Judah for the line of the Seed?