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Week 8 Quiz

Part 1 - The Steps of Temptation

  1. Who sinned? Adam or Eve?
  2. Describe 6 steps from temptation to sin.
  3. What are the 3 realms of temptation?
  4. How does the temptation at the tree correspond to the temptation of Christ?
  5. Who or what is the woman in 3:15?
  6. T/F Adam was punished for listening to his wife.
  7. T/F Eve was punished by having to bear more children.

Part 2 - Christ the Second Adam

  1. Did Adam die in the day he ate of the Tree?
  2. Why did Adam call his wife "Eve" - Mother of all Living?
  3. What are some ways Christ bore the curse upon Adam?
  4. What is the ultimate consequence of sin?
  5. What is the gateway to deliverance from sin?