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The Serpent and the Seed: Week 4

The Battle for Christmas

Esther 1

Esther takes place after the decree to rebuild the temple, and before the decree to rebuild Jerusalem. Xerces gathers an army of 5 million according to Heroditus, 2 million according to other accounts. Only 5 thousand return.

Esther 2

Esther 3

It is Jewish tradition to boo or hiss whenever the name of Haman is said.

Exo 17:8-16 Amalek will be utterly blotted out.
1 Sam 15 Saul instructed to destroy Amalekites, spares Agag ancestor of Haman. Samuel kills Agag, but some of his sons escape.

Esther 4

Esther 5-7 The Long Day

Esther did everything she knew to please Xerces.
Esther approached the king on the basis of grace.