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The Serpent and the Seed: Week 5

The Battle for Christmas

Esther 8-10 The Struggle

1 Corinthians 10:6-11 These things were written as an example. The book of Esther illustrates the Book of Romans.

The struggle between Amalek and Israel is ongoing: Exodus 17:16. Amalek is a type of the flesh. When Israel fights Amalek in their own strength, they lose. When the fight in God's strength, they win - as when Moses held up his staff. Saul battled against the flesh, but spared the king. We begin to put to death the flesh, but spare our pet sins.

In Gen 1 and Psalm 8, man was given dominion over all the earth. The name Ahasuerus used in Esther is a title. He can be seen as a type of the mind, will and emotions - the soul - of each of us. When Adam followed reason and emotion instead of God's revelation to take the fruit from Eve, he made his flesh "prime minister", just as Ahasuerus gave his ring to Haman, the Amalekite. In doing so, he came under the irreversible sentence of death, as a king with no queen was dead.

Mordecai is a type of the spirit. He was in the kings gate, but not allowed in the kings palace.

Esther (adopted by Mordecai, Romans 8:15) was the hidden work of God in the kings life. When the king harkened to and communed with Esther, she was able to expose the true nature of the flesh. The king crucified Haman, and brought Mordedai into the palace.