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Habakkuk: Week 3

The immediate application for the Proud Man was Nebuchadnezzar, and the Five Woes applied to the Chaldean empire. However, the Five Woes can also be applied to other nations, including the US. Who is the Proud Man in US history? Historian Paul Johnson described Wilson as having “a self-regarding arrogance and smugness, masquerading as righteousness, which was always there and which grew with the exercise of power.”

The First Woe - Wealth through Debt

Wilson established the Federal Reserve - making US currency debt denominated in dollars.

The Second Woe - Wealth through Injustice

The Third Woe - Wealth through Destruction

The Fourth Woe - Drugpushing and Human Trafficking

The Fifth Woe - Idolatry

Wilson was “an ardent prophet of the state, the state indeed as it was known to European scholars and statesmen… He preached it.” - historian Robert Nisbet.

While many modern people laugh at wooden idols, we have equally foolish idols that ancient peoples would laugh at - mostly involving government giving us "free" stuff that we ourselves provide!