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Jonah: Week 2

The Storm

Jonah and Amos

God gave Jonah a positive message for Jereboam II - he would restore what was lost to Aram. When Jereboam continued in the sins of his forefathers, God sent Amos from the sheep farms south of Jerusalem to preach a message of doom. By 722 BC, the terrible prophecy of Amos was fulfilled.

Why not Jonah? Jonah apparently did not want to preach a message of doom to Jereboam - the king would not like him anymore! Proverbs 16:14-15 So God sent Jonah to preach a message of doom to Ninevah instead. Not only was it a message of doom, not likely to be well received, but Jonah also knew that God was sending him to bring them to repentance - and that was a worse prospect.

Jonah and Paul

God told Jonah to go to Ninevah, Jonah is afraid and goes West instead with the Phoenicians. In Acts 21:10-12 God tells Paul to go to Jerusalem, and then tells him he will be imprisoned by the Jews. Paul goes anyway, is imprisoned, and taken West by the Romans.

Acts 27:13 and following God sends a great storm for both Jonah and Paul, and Gentile sailors are converted.

Jonah and Jesus