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Jonah: Week 4

The Assyrian Church of the East

The Assyrian followers of Jonah were converted to Christ by the Thadeas, Thomas, and Bartholomew in 33 AD, 4 months after the resurrection.

The Assyrians accepted the word of God, as delivered by Jonah, 700 years before the coming of Christ. Assyrians were the first to accept Christ. Jonah's message was of repentance and it was heeded. Christ's message was of love and it was heeded. The Assyrian church endeavored in the most remarkable missionary enterprise in Christian history, reaching to China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan and the Philippines. The Mongolian alphabet is based on Aramaic. The Buddhist ecclesiastical structure is modeled on the Assyrian Church of the East. "Torah Borah" is Aramaic for "arid mountain."

Source: aina.org

The memory of your Prophet Jonah, We celebrate today, O Lord.
By his prayers we entreat you: O Christ God, save our souls!

The Ministry of Jonah