Literary Efforts

Runaway Horses! (Vignettes)

Cute writing exercises from homeschool days. How I miss them.
  • The Day I Gave Up Galloping, by Mindy Gathman
  • Off to the Ball, by Mindy Gathman
  • Cabin Camping, by Mindy Gathman
  • How to Dress a Two-and-a-half-year-old, by Mindy Gathman
  • Dance Technique, by Mindy Gathman
  • Essays by our own Jewish Uncle and Friends

  • Dr. Eliyahu White gave his reasons for voting Republican in fall 2000.
  • A Bloody House, by Dr. Eliyahu White
  • Hester Panim, by Ammi ben Hoshea
  • Israelis and the Jewish Tradition, by Ammi ben Hoshea
  • Reports

  • Scott's Bilbo "I feel thin and stretched" diet: Deep End
  • Winter 2004 Reports, by Gathman and McClatchey Children
  • Book Reviews

    Book reviews from homeschool days - including from the teacher!
  • Orthorexia Nervosa, book review by Julie Gathman
  • The Ordinary Princess, book review by young Melinda Gathman
  • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, book review by young Melinda Gathman
  • Stories

    It was amazing how talented the girls were at telling stories at an early age!

    Stories by Older Children

  • NEW! All Quiet on the Asphalt Front, a parody of All Quiet on the Western Front by Gail Gathman
  • The Lie, a short story by Gail Gathman
  • Gargantua, a short story by Gail Gathman
  • Chuck, a short story by Gail Gathman
  • A New Life, Chapter one of a serial adventure by Laura Beth Gathman
  • Tomorrow, historical fiction by Melinda Gathman
  • Escaping the Tears, historical fiction by Melinda Gathman
  • Stories by Very Young Children

  • Gotchi, by Gail Victoria Gathman
  • Sam who Loved to go Fishing, and other Stories, by Laura Beth Gathman
  • Pray for Little Things, by Lauren Gathman
  • Stories by Adults

  • The Law the King Wished He Hadn't Made , by Stuart D. Gathman
  • Poems

    By older children

  • NEW! Two poems, by Gail Victoria Gathman
  • Giving into Temptation, by Laura Beth Gathman
  • By adults

  • Morning Mountain, by Stuart D. Gathman
  • Thanksgiving, by Stuart D. Gathman