The Bible

By Elissa Gathman, December 2000

The Bible is the best book ever written, and though I can’t tell you all about it in one paper I can tell you a few facts about it: the books, the connection between you and God through the Bible, and the Apocrypha.

The Bible has 66 books,more than 1000 chapters and you can almost guess how many verses there are! Each book in the Bible has its own sort of story; Corinthians is letter from paul to the corinthians, Psalms is full is full of poems and songs and Esther is a story about a great queen who saved her people. The shortest book in the Bible is 2nd John which has 13 verses (no chapters) the longest book in the Bible is psalms which has 150 chapters!

The Bible is not just a big book about Jesus and other Bible characters, it’s a way to connect with God, its God’s letter to us. this usually works for me: whenever I’m feeling bad or discouraged I take my Bible, sit down, say a prayer open it up and read. The Bible is a message that God has written through people for us.

The Apocrypha, meaning hidden things, was at first thought so important and precious that people hid it from the public. Then it was hidden because it wasn’t good enough. The Apocrypha has 15 books:

The shortest book in the Apocrypha is the prayer of Manassah, it has 15 verses (no chapters). The longest book in the Apocrypha is Ecclesiasticas.

Even though I like the books of the Bible and the way God connects with us through the Bible, right now I like the Apocrypha the most. To me, the Apocrypha is something different, and yet the same; like Daniel and the snake, there are no titles like that in the Bible but there are stories like that. The Apocrypha is very new to me so it is especially interesting for me. One reason I read it is because of the fact that it is rejected, it makes me want to know why people think it’s not good enough to put in the Bible. Now you can see why the Bible is my favorite book. Just holding it makes me feel close to God, just reading about him makes me feel like I’m sitting in his lap, just writing those words makes me feel like I’m definitely his daughter.