George Washington Carver

by Laura Gathman, 19 June, 1999

Carver found 300 ways to make things out of peanuts. When Mr. Carver was little, some traders came and stole baby George. Moses Carver went after them. He found baby George on the side of the road but they did not find his mother. But George was not old enough yet to walk to the Black School. It was miles away.

When George was about twelve years old he left the Carvers. He walked to Neosho Missouri. A family found George sleeping in their barn. A few years passed. George learned all he could at Lincoln College. He heard about a school in Fort Scott Kansas. So he moved there. Another family let George live with them. Soon young Carver was old enough to live on his own. For a while he moved from place to place.

Then he came to a small town. Another George Carver lived there too. So George added a W to his name: George Washington Carver.