by Gail Victoria Gathman

as told to Melinda Anne Gathman, Jun 3, 2001

Gotchi scratched me, and it was so funny. He pushed me over, and he was mean, and he put me in the bathroom. He put me to my Mama, and Mama spanked me! He put me in time-out! He got me out, and I said "Sorry" to him, and he gave me bottle juice. He started to put me in the water so I could die! But I climbed out. My feets are wet now.

Gotchi caught me in the water, and he got me to my mother. He got gollow foot in the water, and he got coco guido. He tried to get Elissa in the water, and he told gollow foot and coco guido that Elissa wouldn't go in the water. And Elissa got all herself.