On Feb 3, 2004 the Virginia Gathmans adopted James. Read about his early life here.

James the Cat

Spider Cat
With all the talk about Spiderman, James started getting ideas.

Green Goblin
With his green glowing eyes, and ability to fly through the air, maybe we should have called him the Green Goblin.

Leaping cat
Snapping a photo of a flying cat is really hard.

Leaping cat
The red thing on the right is James plush toy. When we throw it in the air, James leaps a good four feet into the air to catch it. I feel sorry for the birds should James ever escape outside to hunt.

Midair catch
Here you can see the catch in midair!

Relaxed Kitty
After a hard workout, James takes relaxing just as seriously. Don't try to sit in his chair - he won't let you.

Cabinet retreat
Here is Jamie's retreat to escape from small children.

Cool floor
But the floor is much cooler.

Jamie puts up with a lot from his family.

Jamie is helping Mindy with the printer.