James the Cat

On Feb 3, 2004 the Virginia Gathmans adopted James. James was born in a Pennsylvania farmhouse when his mother entered through a basement window to give birth. When the owners of the house discovered the open window, they closed it. Then they discovered the kittens. They opened the window again, but the mother - a feral house cat - never returned. The kitten was bottle fed by Beth, who had a house in Pennsylvania, and then brought to Northern Virginia.
Jamie likes to lounge around.
relaxed kitty

Jamie likes to crawl under his blanket (that used to be Gail's!)
kitty under blanket

James love his bed - especially the built in ribbon toys.
kitty wakes from nap

And here he is fast asleep.
kitty asleep

Gail learns to pet the kitty gently.
gently pet the kitty

Kitty enjoys his dinner of Tuna for Cats over stars.
kitty enjoys dinner

James makes sure the sock bird is really dead.
catching the sock bird