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Week 8 Quiz

  1. What titles did Nebuchadnezzar ascribe to Daniel's God?
  2. What titles did Belshazzar ascribe to Daniel's God?
  3. What title did Darius ascribe to Daniel's God?
  4. Who leveled the walls of Babylon?
  5. Under whose reign did Babylon become uninhabited?
  6. Why did the satraps want to get rid of Daniel?
  7. What did Daniel realize from studying scrolls when Darius became king?
  8. What did Daniel do about what he learned?
  9. How do we know no one was secretly feeding the lions?

Legend of Daniel

  1. How does Daniel expose the priests of Bel?
  2. What god do the Babylonians worship that is arguably living?
  3. Who makes Daniel dinner when he is in the lion's den for 6 days?