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Week 16 - The Rise of Rome

Daniel 11:36 - 11:43

This weeks section moves ahead to a king of Judea, and the rise of the Roman Empire at the battle of Actium. The provinces to the north of Israel are controlled by Octavius and Agrippa, the provinces to the South by Anthony and Cleopatra. Yes, *that* Anthony and Cleopatra.

Herod the Great

The Battle of Actium

The focus diverts to the struggle of Octavian and Anthony. With the assassination of Julius Caesar, the Roman empire was split into a temporary triumverate under Octavian in the North and West, Anthony in the South, and Lepidus in the East. Anthony summons Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, to demand an account of her support of Julius Ceasar. She meets Antony on her royal barge in her Venus outfit and seduces him, as she had seduced Caesar before him, causing political scandal throughout the empire. Octavian deposes Lepidus, Anthony challenges that action as unauthorized, and begins acting independently. When the legal triumverate expires at the end of 33BC, Anthony sends a letter to the Senate asking not to be reconsidered, trying to paint Octavian as ambitious like Julius Caesar. He repudiated and divorced Octavian's sister Octavia, and moved to Egypt to be with Cleopatra. 300 Senators (a third of the Senate) defected to Anthony, and reports reached Rome that Anthony planned to setup an eastern senate in Alexandria. Octavius, not wanting to be seen as initiating civil war, declares war on the foreign queen Cleopatra, the perceived cause of all the trouble. In what historians regard as the end of the Roman Republic, he has the troops swear loyalty to him, not to Rome.