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Shadowland: Redemption: Week 19

The Law of God

In the New Testament, there are 3 laws in view: The Law of God is the moral law in effect since creation, and binding on all rational creatures. It was summarized in 10 commandments spoken by God himself from Mount Sinai. The Law of Moses are the regulations given by Moses for the Nation of Israel. It will still be in force during the Millenium (for those that admit that eschatology), but is not binding on Gentiles as the Council of Jerusalem makes clear. The Law of Christ is the Law of God mediated by Christ, who keeps it perfectly.

Love is the fulfilling of the law, and the commandments are a brief sketch of 10 categories of behavior that lack love. As Christ emphasizes in Matthew 5, finding loopholes does not enable you to be righteous.

Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength

Love your neighbor as yourself