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Week 24 Quiz

The Ark, the Table and the Lampstand

  1. Where did newly released slaves get over a ton of gold and other valuables?
  2. How many different items were in the ingredients list for the tabernacle?
  3. What was the stated purpose of the tabernacle?
  4. What were the Ark and Table made from?
  5. What were the dimensions of the atonement?
  6. What decorated the atonement?
  7. What were the accessories for the Table, and what were they used for?
  8. By what method was the lampstand shaped?
  9. In what likeness was the lampstand shaped?
  10. What were the acessories for the Lampstand?
  11. How were the likenesses of cherubim and almond branches compatible with the 2nd commandment?