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Week 31 Quiz

The Golden Calf

  1. Did the people totally replace the worship of God with cow cult?
  2. What other sins came with the cow worship?
  3. How many copies of the covenant did God make? Why?
  4. What did Moses breaking the tablets symbolize?
  5. Why did Moses reject God's offer to start over with Moses?
  6. What three arguments did Moses make against God wiping out the Israelites and starting over with Moses?
  7. Was God mad at Moses for arguing with Him?
  8. Did Aaron accept responsibility for his part in the great sin?
  9. Who did God order to kill the revelers? Why?
  10. Why did God reject Moses' offer to die in place of the Israelites?
  11. What further judgement followed the calf worship?
  12. Who did it fall on?