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Catholic and Protestant Apologetics

In Spiderman III, I trace Christian themes in the Spiderman franchise.
In A Severe Mercy, I reflect on the execution of Saddam Hussein.
In The Gospel of Desire, I talk about the fate of the "heathen in Africa" like Samuel Morris.
In A State Interest in Civil Unions, I make a secular case for procreative marriage.
In Interview with an Isolationist, we see some of the fruit of ignorance.
In Can any Good come from Harry Potter, I discuss the degree to which the image of God is "effaced but not erased".
In Life Purpose for the Skeptical Geek, I propose an experimental theology.
In Let the Dolphins Die with Dignity, we see that Terri Schiavo was not the only one.
In A Modest Proposal, I give my input for the 2003 Episcopal General Convention
In An Interview with a Young Girl, we get to see how well a "Charismatic Bible Church" is doing at passing on the Gospel to the next generation.
In An Interview with an Elder, Stuart Gathman gets a candid view of what "Bible Christians" really believe.
In An Interview with the Pastor, Stuart Gathman does a reality check on our blithe discussions of "What Baptists Believe".
In A visit with the Mormons, Stuart looks for the core issues dividing Christians and Mormons.

What are these guys talking about?

  • I discuss some of the many meanings of "evolution" in Equivocating Evolution.
  • Does the Earth revolve around the Sun? It depends on what you mean by "revolve".
  • The Four Causes of Aristotle: formal, material, efficient, and final. A modern explanation.
  • Some words that mean different things to Catholics and Protestants.
  • Responses to Evangelicals, Catholics, and Unity by Michael Horton

    The consensus was that Michael Horton defended Protestant Theology OK, but was woefully ignorant of Catholic teaching.
  • More Unity than You Think by Stuart Gathman (Protestant)
  • Catholics, Protestants, and History by Marty Rothwell (Catholic)
  • A Response to Evangelicals, Catholics, and Unity by Art Kelly (Catholic)
  • The War on Terrorism

    A big topic in recent days is whether President Bush was correct when he said that Islam is a religion of peace.
  • A professor of religion compares the big three in Islam: Religion of the sword?
  • The real Afghanistan from someone who was there: Kidd on Afghanistan
  • Can "fundamentalism" really be defined as "a literal and non-historic approach to religious scripture"? Dr. White responds.