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Gathman History

The Gathman family emigrated to America from Germany in 1853. The family name at that time was Göttman. For more information, contact Stuart "Bampa" Gathman. In 1864, another family, the Gathmanns, came to America and became the Gathmann inventors.

A painting of the type of sailing ship the Gathmans probably travelled on: A Painting of a Bremen sailing ship

Bremen ship MARIANNE, 1841.

Oil painting by Carl Justus Harmen Fedeler, 1842. Source: Peter-Michael Pawlik, _Von der Weser in die Welt; Die Geschichte der Segelschiffe von Weser und Lesum und ihrer Bauwerften 1770 bis 1893_, Schriften des Deutschen Schiffahrtsmuseums, Bd. 33 (Hamburg: Kabel, c1993), p. 203 (black and white);

More info about the Marianne

A scale model:

A model of a Bremen sailing ship

Bremen ship MARIANNE, 1841.

Model, ca.1842. 123 x 38 x 90 cm (length x width x height).
Focke-Museum, Bremen, Inv.-Nr. B.40, gift of Lotsenkommandeur Theodor Minssen, Bremerhaven, 1900; restored 1957. Source: Johannes Lachs, _Schiffe aus Bremen; Bilder und Modelle im Focke-Museum_ (Bremen: H. M. Hauschild, [1994]), p. 82, no. 57.

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