by Stuart Gathman

Literary Efforts

Literary Efforts

Runaway Horses! (Vignettes)

Cute writing exercises from homeschool days. How I miss them.

The Day I Gave Up Galloping, by Mindy Gathman

Off to the Ball, by Mindy Gathman

Cabin Camping, by Mindy Gathman

How to Dress a Two-and-a-half-year-old, by Mindy Gathman

Dance Technique, by Mindy Gathman

Essays by our own Jewish Uncle and Friends

Dr. Eliyahu White gave his reasons for voting Republican in fall 2000.

A Bloody House, by Dr. Eliyahu White

Hester Panim, by Ammi ben Hoshea

Israelis and the Jewish Tradition, by Ammi ben Hoshea


Scott's Bilbo "I feel thin and stretched" diet: Deep End

Winter 2004 Reports, by Gathman and McClatchey Children

Book Reviews

Book reviews from homeschool days - including from the teacher!

Orthorexia Nervosa, book review by Julie Gathman

The Ordinary Princess, book review by young Melinda Gathman

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, book review by young Melinda Gathman


It was amazing how talented the girls were at telling stories at an early age!

Stories by Older Children

NEW! All Quiet on the Asphalt Front, a parody of All Quiet on the Western Front by Gail Gathman

The Lie, a short story by Gail Gathman

Gargantua, a short story by Gail Gathman

Chuck, a short story by Gail Gathman

A New Life, Chapter one of a serial adventure by Laura Beth Gathman

Tomorrow, historical fiction by Melinda Gathman

But Who Can Stand Before Jealousy, a short story by Elissa Joy Gathman

Escaping the Tears, historical fiction by Melinda Gathman

Stories by Very Young Children

Gotchi, by Gail Victoria Gathman

Sam who Loved to go Fishing, and other Stories, by Laura Beth Gathman

Pray for Little Things, by Lauren Gathman

Stories by Adults

The Law the King Wished He Hadn't Made , by Stuart D. Gathman


By older children

NEW! Two poems, by Gail Victoria Gathman

Giving into Temptation, by Laura Beth Gathman

Snow, by Elissa Joy Gathman

By adults

Morning Mountain, by Stuart D. Gathman

Thanksgiving, by Stuart D. Gathman

Grace, by Stuart D. Gathman

Wedding, by Stuart D. Gathman

Obedience, by Stuart D. Gathman

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